ALLY turns ONE today!

We launched ALLY in 2020 during COVID times, unsure of how the pandemic would affect what we have been working on so tirelessly for so long. But here we are one year later, against all odds and obstacles, we turn ONE today! 
ALLY was borne on the premise of FREEDOM. Our brand tagline - 'Enjoy The Freedom To Be You' is a reminder to all you ladies to have the freedom to move, to express yourself, to create your own style, to pursue your dreams and goals, or just to be yourself, it's yours that no one should take away from you.
To mark the occasion, we'd like to open up our hearts to you and share what we wrote one year ago for our brand mission and vision, and how we see ALLY in your lives because we haven't wavered in what we believed and set out to achieve from the beginning. 

Mission: To inspire women to embrace and celebrate their own uniqueness, and to give them even more freedom to be themselves and to express their uniqueness confidently.

Vision: A world where every woman feels free and confident to be herself.

Ally is your new BFF “Best Fashion Friend”.

The one you want to hang out with everyday.

Ally is versatile - she embraces you fully and dances to your tune. No matter your mood or style.

Ally is simple - she’s drama-free and fits right in your life. Not complicated, at all.

Ally makes you shine - day or night, dark or light. Every single moment.

She’s your fashion piece, but you are the fashion statement. 

With ALLY, you can truly enjoy the freedom of being you.